I'm a Camera
Past Productions


Woody Allen's Murder Mysteries
Adapted and Directed by Janey Clarke
From the original short stories by Woody Allen

I'm a Camera won the rights to perform these unique short stories from Woody Allen last year. The production was very well received, playing to large audiences through our ten week run over Christmas/New Year 2005-06. More...


The Rival Queens
By Nathaniel Lee
Adapted for I'm a Camera by Dan Rebellato


Unstaged for over 100 years, The Rival Queens is set in ancient Babylon, and the court of Alexander the Great in the days leading up to his death. Alexander's ex wife Roxanna battles with current wife Statira, and a murder is plotted against the king. More...


In That Summer of Sweet Sixteen
By David Halliwell


A stately home; England , 1916. The First World War escalates abroad and here, three working class soldiers recover from their wounds. Attended on by makeshift nurses from some of the wealthiest families in the county, we hear their private thoughts. More...


Heart of a Dog
By Mikhail Bulgakov


A Russian Scientist is determined to experiment on living bodies. He abducts an unsuspecting street dog, and before he knows it, chaos reigns in his own home. More...